Five Options.
One hour or less.

One Big Difference.

Volunteer Opportunities

Champion Welcome

Celebrate the arrival of students to our programs with applause and high fives.

Student Networking

Listen to students introduce themselves, share goals and play interactive games.

Program Logistics

Help with setup, food and coordination before, during and after programs.

Program Ambassador

Help spread word about the Champion Academy's groundbreaking success and encourage others to get involved.

Classroom Checkups

Visit a student during the school day and observe them in one of their classes.
“As an educator of 26 years, I am deeply impressed with the social, emotional and academic transformation I’ve seen by students within the Champion Academy. This program is an intelligent and impactful solution that should be expanded.”
Cindy Champlin
Educator of 26 Years
“Participating in the Champion Academy has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. This program is the necessary bridge our community desperately needs to connect students with tremendous need with people of means willing to help get them out of emotional and physical poverty.”
Dr. Edward Schwarz
Director, Center for Musculoskeletal Research, Burton Professor of Orthopedics
“I started volunteering for the Champion Academy and was moved beyond words by the work they are doing. They engage students in a real way and have the courage to provide them with the love, honesty and discipline they really need to succeed.”
Antony Owens
Member Accountability Coach, Champion Academy